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5 Ways Android Apps Help Small Businesses Today

According to research, it showed that many brands are heavily investing in mobile apps to leverage the potential of their small businesses like the project management app, mobile online accounting apps, messaging and project organization apps. Because of this, there is an increase of mobile apps on the market and each day, they are still flowing onto the market in various ways. These apps help in boosting work productivity and also managing brand reputation of companies. Well, the truth is that android apps are just but a few ways of investments that promise high returns.

Below are ways android apps help small businesses today.

Revenue Increment

According to a research done by T-Mobile showed that 49% of business owners reported that they were able to spend time expanding sales and creating new revenue doors for their business. In all this, apps act as the catalyst in increasing the chances of bringing the customer and supplier together. There is also another research that showed that 8 out of 10 mobile phone result in a purchase or visiting the store.

Boosting Multitasking

According to the same T-Mobile research, it showed that small businesses with less than 20 employees are using apps. This is because it gives them the power of limiting the number of employees, which reduces business expenditure. The good thing is that the output is more just like having a lot of employees. This is because apps today have the ability to multitask and offer services such as email, calendars, internet connection, social media connection and much more. All these are factors that benefit a business.

Offers Great Community Support

The good thing about apps is that small businesses get the advantage of promoting a service and products, with great customer support experience. Apps gives small businesses with the opportunity to promote their business and create product awareness with a better access to targeted audiences. With this, businesses have reported an increase in ROI ratio.

Discovering New Opportunities

Android apps opens a whole new array of opportunity for small businesses. Through these apps, customers and businesses have the ability to order one-time or repeated orders, interact directly with customers, data sharing, advertisements, promotions and even receiving service or product reviews. Moreover, research has showed that people like sharing with others what they seen or read through apps. This is a great strategy for marketing and creating strong brand awareness.


According to research, android apps is a great way small businesses use in promoting their services and products. The biggest advantage being that small businesses receive direct information or data from consumers.

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