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How To Get A Texas Liquor Law Permit

You can't sell liquor in Texas without a permit, so if you plan to sell liquor at your restaurant or club, a dram shop expert Houston said you need to start getting your paperwork in order so you will have your Texas liquor law permit before you open your restaurant.

International Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is very important for any business that imports or exports cargo on a regular basis. Importing and exporting cargo does not only involve transportation alone. It involves other procedures like customs clearance, insurance and product packing. International freight forwarders main responsibility is to arrange for the shipment of goods.

Why running a budget deficit can reduce the national debt

YESTERDAY, at an event hosted by the Resolution Foundation, a think-tank, the organisation’s chief economist, Matt Whittaker, said something that made a few people sit up. He remarked that it would be simultaneously possible to run a budget deficit (ie, where government spending exceeds taxation) and reduce the burden of government