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Fun Candy Buffet Ideas For Your Party

Candy buffets are an ideal addition to any wedding, party or event. You can create a dynamic display of candy by having lollipops and candy sticks as well as clear containers and bags for young and old alike to place their favorite candies.

Set up a display table as your candy station and design it with creative unique displays. You can set things out according to color, flavor or design and allow young and old alike to design their own creations.

There are so many creative and unique ways to use this theme. Have a smaller station as a centerpiece at the tables for theCreative #Halloween lollipop display by Emily Morrissings.  #GeekHour #TrickorTreat event or you can simply have one central location where everyone can find their favorite treats.

Some hosts include delectable treats such as cupcakes, cake and other delicious treats for their guests. Others have only candy and gift bags.

It’s fun to design these as you can create to your heart’s content. Go with a theme for the day or event and allow the candy to display the event in its full entirety.

Brighten your own home with a variety of displays in the kitchen or dining area. Focus on your favorites or your guest’s favorites and make this the event to remember.

Another great way to go about it is to use all one color and keep it to one flavor.

Many find that a rainbow of flavors and design is perfect for their special event. Many event centers will design this for you if you wish so you don’t have to be quite so creative.

All you have to do is tell them what you’re envisioning and allow them to do the work for you. It’s quick and easy and you’ll appreciate how great it looks when the big day arrives.

There are a variety of great ideas available on the Internet or in party even magazines where you can pick and choose (or combine) your ideas with theirs.

Make your next event the most memorable one ever and plan ahead to have a candy buffet table. Cost is minimal when you know what candies you need, have a sneak onĀ to see if those candies are what you need. Young and old alike will appreciate your efforts and have fun designing their own treat bags or jars.

For weddings, you could have the bride and grooms favorite candies and make them into treat bags to toss at the bride and groom as they leave the wedding for the reception.

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