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Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

As you would appreciate, a good looking lawn never comes easy. It takes dedication and having the proper equipment to keep it in tip top condition. Nothing short of an efficient and highly effective lawn sprinkler will suffice to keep your lawn green and looking ever fresh.

With this in mind, proper lawn sprinkler system maintenance is paramount. Just as it is the case with any irrigation system designed for home use, breakdowns that reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the system are quite common. It is thus in the best interest of every home owner to have their lawn sprinkler system well maintained. With this in mind, herein we are going to explore how homeowners can maintain their system as a DIY project.

Image result for Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips#1. Unclogging Sprinklers �” It is common for sprinklers to get clogged over time. The continuous filtering of dirt and debris by the nozzle filter means that after some time, the spray or the rotor will get blocked by the same dirt and debris, thus resulting in little to no water exiting the sprinkler.

When faced with such a situation, the sprinkler should be dismantled and the filter thoroughly washed. Additionally, the irrigation line should be flushed to ensure that every accumulated dirt and debris is forced out.

#2. Mitigating Overspray �” Part of proper lawn sprinkler system maintenance is to ensure that the sprinkler system only waters the landscape and no other parts of your property such as the walls of your house or the sidewalks.

In this regard, there is a need to ensure that the sprinkle arc and radius are correct, and thus the is spraying the required landscape. However, in the event that the sprinkler does not sprinkle the desired area, you should adjust the sprinkler.

To this end, you should reposition the sprinkler to the appropriate position and thereafter pack the soil around it. Alternatively, you should adjust the rotor and the spray to correct the arc and radius of the water. The spray can be used to adjust the radius of the of the water spray, while the rotors can be used to adjust the arc and the radius of the spray.

#3. Leaking Irrigation Lines �” You should also keep an eye out for any signs of irrigation leaks. The irrigation lines tend to be susceptible to leakages, especially at the joints. Signs of water leakages include low spray pressure whereas other areas in you plumbing system have high pressure and having bits of you lawn significantly greener than other areas.

Once you have identified a leakage problem you should work to ensure that the problems fixed. However, since this requires exposing the lines, homeowners are better served by hiring professional to carry out the task.

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