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Offering Breast Enlargement To Military Women

I was recently shocked to hear about a breast enlargement nyc based clinic offering breast enlargement to Image result for Offering Breast Enlargement To Military Womenmilitary women. It’s not that I was offended or even disagreed with the idea; it’s just that I never actually considered enlisted women or female officers as a potential target demographic for the services our office offers patients.

Given the colleague in question I felt compelled to hunt him down when we both had time without patients and ask if he was for real. He’s sometimes had an off the wall sense of humor in the past and really offended people.

I finally got to sit down with him, and I asked him flat out if he was offering breast enlargement services to military women. He shrugged like it was no big deal and acknowledged that he was.

I had to ask him at that point if he thought that was an efficient use of marketing resources more likely to generate returns among the civilian population, and he floored me with his reasons for including military women.

His first one was true, although cynical. The military is still a very male dominated corner of society, and female officers that are more attractive are more likely to get promoted. He told me he’s helped dozens of women get work done privately only to see their career flourish after the fact.

He went on to list other reasons, and they turned out to be valid. He pointed out many cases of women joining the service and going through the grueling physical training, which often involves shedding body fat Image result for military women grueling physical trainingand putting on muscle. In some instances, this deflates a woman’s breasts to the point of hurting her confidence, which in turn hurts morale in the service. He sees nothing wrong in restoring a woman to her previous size, and honestly, neither do I.

His last reason for offering breast enlargement services to military women was what really won me over. While many people know about soldiers coming back from overseas with amputated limbs from roadside bombs and the like, there’s not much coverage about female soldiers who lose some or all of their breasts. The reconstructions they get in the service don’t bring back what they once had, and secondary surgery is needed for full restoration.

I was blown away by all these reasons, and now I even help this doctor with what he does!

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