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The Benefits Of Same Day Crowns In Portland

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Crowns are used to protect teeth that are severely damaged or weakened. For instance, a tooth that has undergone a root canal can become brittle. Placing a crown over the tooth provides essential protection, keeping it from breaking.

In the past, getting a crown required multiple dental visits. The first time you went in, the dentist would make a temporary crown for your tooth. They would then have an outside provider create a permanent crown over the next couple of weeks. When the permanent crown was ready, you would have to go back in to have your temporary crown replaced.

Today, however, you can get same day crowns in Portland. These crowns offer a number of advantages over traditional crowns including the ones listed below:

  1. Fewer dental visits. Since the crown is placed in a single visit, you don’t have to go back to the dentist multiple times.
  2. No need for a temporary crown. The permanent crown is put in place immediately, which means that you don’t require a temporary crown to protect the tooth.
  3. Lower costs. Even though same-day crowns are still expensive, they tend to cost less than traditional crowns. By allowing the procedure to be completed during a single dental visit, they reduce the amount of money that you have to spend on appointments.
  4. They are comfortable from the start. Temporary crowns are crafted out of resin and often don’t fit as well as they should. When you get a same-day crown, on the other hand, it is made out of porcelain and is designed to fit perfectly. This can help you avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Quite a few dentists offer same day crowns in Portland. When deciding which dentist to visit, look for one who has a lot of positive reviews from patients that they have treated in the past.

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